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I rarely waste my time arguing with those who sees Aristide as a messianic leader.

For most of them logic, common sense, and the ability for a person to think for him or herself is replaced by absurdity and idiocy.

Which makes perfect sense because the belief and faith in someone erase all reasoning.

TIM TIM BWA SECHE MAKES A LOT MORE SENSE TO THEM. I'm not self-imposing, i believe in everybody's right to believe in anyone or thing.

I believe in no man or thing except Christ.

I was 9 years old living in Haiti in the early 90s when Aristide started campaigning for president.

I didn't know much back then but i liked him because everybody else liked him, I even saw him once. I thought he was going to help the country.

But then, i grew up and i began to logically exam his ideologies.

I realized he was preaching hatred and persecution.

Now i agree with on one thing, there has always been discrimination and oppresion in Haiti from the beginning.

As a leader Aristide chose to fuel the hatred and the division that existed among Haitians he advocated PE LEBRUN, burning people alive.

It's true the elite class has a sense of superiority over the rest of us. As a leader Aristide should have look for common ground to unite us, not advocating violence and persecution.

You never get any real solution from violence.

I consider Martin Luther King Jr. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi of India as great leaders because they did not use violence as a way to fight injustice because they had enough sense to realize that violence was not going to get them anywhere.

These leaders realized that unity and acceptance of each other was the solution.

Nelson Mandela could have encouraged the blacks in South Africa to rise up and persecute the whites.

He could have fueled the hatred but he didn't.Keep in mind that the blacks are the majority in South Africa like it is in Haiti but he didn't because he knew that was wrong.

These are men of character and charisma because while they themselves were physically abused and persecuted they nevertheless rejected violence and hatred as a weapon.

The US and South Africa are better countries today because those two historic leaders used nonviolence to fight injustice.

Things may not be perfect but the relationship between the many races in these two countries are better.

Mark, December 27 2006, 5:54 PM

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