historic in the sense that he divided the country

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I respect a person's right to support anyone, the devil included.

Tell me if Aristide, a former Catholic Priest, was such a benevolent leader why did he create a division among the people that haunts us even today?

And why did he say that with him gone darkness would reign in Haiti?

When he came up to the political scene he instinctively taught the poor that the rich was responsible for their misery.

Capitalists are rarely satisfied with what they have, their nature is to always seek more at the expense of the poor. (Most, not all of them anyway).

It is true that the majority of the Haitian bourgoisie has not done much to help the Haitian people.

A lot of them took advantage of the people because they're undereducated and poor. But they are not responsible for Haiti being where it is today.

Things are bad in Haiti today because the majority of haitian presidents never did anything concrete to help the country.

They helped themselves and their families.

Just like your beloved Aristide who is a rich man living the good life in South Africa today.

And for their incompetence and inability to lead they blame the wealthy class.

Creating an endless division and hatred.


Yes most owners of big businesses will try to take advantage of their employees but it's the government's job to create and enforce laws to proctect and improve the lives of the poor and working class.

It is not to create gangs AKA chimeres to terrorize the wealthy class and vocal oponents as Aristide did. My friend you talk about justice i hope justice catches with Aristide too because his hands are stained in the blood of his oponents.

The kidnappers are no doubt ex-chimeres, terrorists once employed by Aristide to crush his oponents.

Aristide's doctrine of hate and division is alive and well in your soul but give Haiti a chance.

Aristide is the past let him stay their.

Mark, December 26 2006, 7:21 PM

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