I am so happy you get your sanity back. You realize that we...

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I am so happy you get your sanity back. You realize that we are all haitians and need to get along.

This is the most important thing you have said so far! If you try to educate us, you have used the wrong approach: arrogance, name calling, racist statments etc. You have forgotten that we will never agree with each other all the time and we may have different opinions on the same issue.

Infusing your ego in any debate is counterproductive.

If you want to educate us, you must do it with understanding, mutual respect, and you must realize that we are different in many ways: color, education, physical traits, etc. educating a person is like carrying a candle, but you can put your "student" on fire and cause damage with that same candle! So it is important to know how to communicate with each other without causing pain, and anger! Our focus should be on the problems facing our nation.

This blog should not be a place to show who we are or to promote bias, bigotry, racism and anything repulsive which ultimately results in chaos and division.

I apologize to you, if I ever offended you and I had! Wee must apologize to each other and get back to the business of exposing the problems we are facing as haitians, and finding durable and feasible solutions if we really want to to save our country!
If that olive branch in your hand is a genuine gesture toward reconciliation you must apologize to Rosenbert and Doremi who abolutely was loosing it too. On that note, I am going to throw myself in Morpheus's arms...Good night

Zarien Krab, July 10 2008, 1:01 AM

Topic: Haitians the most incompetent and mediocre people

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Ben Anilus, 10-Jul-08 12:01 am
I am so happy you get your sanity back. You realize that we are all haitians and need to get along. This is the most... read more >
Zarien Krab, 10-Jul-08 1:01 am
What is angle middle school? read more >
Tiba, 10-Jul-08 6:52 am
First, I'd like to apologize to Resenberg, Doremi and Zarien, or anyone I've offended by making inappropriate comments... read more >
Ti Rouge, 10-Jul-08 11:28 am
Middle school english!that was addressed to Rosemberg by Ti Rouge just to make him mad! I wish i could speak and write... read more >
Doremi, 10-Jul-08 6:59 pm
Yes, Haiti is a beautiful country. Oh what a country, a country full of "FATRAS, DISEASES and INSALUBRITE". This is... read more >
Mario Mothersil, 18-Jul-08 4:26 pm
Little Mario you have a lot of anger, bitterness and hatred in your heart. I feel sorry for your painful situation... read more >
Ti Rouge, 18-Jul-08 5:13 pm
Hello Ti-Rouge; You need to elevate your academic level before you can subjectively judge anyone on the ongoing... read more >
Mario Mothersil, 18-Jul-08 11:32 pm
Hello Zarien: generally speaking, in every rule, there are exceptions. Although I do not really know you, based on... read more >
Mario Mothersil, 18-Jul-08 11:59 pm
After reading this article, please let me know if you are proud. I must comend Ms. Desulme for attempting to do the... read more >
Mario Mothersil, 19-Jul-08 12:06 am
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