You like it soft? Is that why you are after Doremi? You think...

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You like it soft?

Is that why you are after Doremi?

You think he is soft?

My God Doremi was not lying! So, you like it soft! Why?

Did you get hurt when IT was too HARD! Poor little bastard! Is your statement a sign of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

Bro, You have one more problem added to your existing folie de "Folie de Grandeur", a mental disorder characterized by irrational thinking such as delusion.

You suffer of "delusion of Greatness, paranoid grandiosity, or delusions of grandeur simply known as megalomania which is characterized by your false belief that you are a superlative person.

You believe you are a slave master, and want people to "shine your shoes", carry your bag, just because you are a "mulatto".

My friend stop this irrational thinking, or you will end up at " Pon Bedek", the legendary mental institution in Haiti.

How are you going to make another man softer?

Are you an expert in B. Job performance?

I think you are an expert in licking Lollipop.

No wonder why you are so arrogant, because of all these extra protein you get "live from people" end up to your brain and cloud your judgment! Too much protein, brother...

So you don't like the "petit homo of Flatbush, like Doremi?


You like it big, Hmmm!!!! Ok! That is why you have a Colostomy bag under your shirt, because a Big Homo in Flatbush had perforated your bowels! You know, generalized infection or sepsis may cause mental illness of all kind. It is well documented that infection is one of the many causes of mental illness! You are a sick, retarded bastard suffering from superiority complex, a term introduced by psychologist Alfred Adler in series of his books like "Understanding Human Nature".

Those exhibiting the superiority complex commonly project their feelings of inferiority onto others they perceive as beneath them, possibly for the same reasons they themselves may have been ostracize...Superiority complex is a psychological problem, I may say it is exactly what we call in psychiatry delusions of greatness.

It can also be describe as Narcissism described as the trait of excessive self-love, based on self-image or ego. Narcissistic individual like you suffer from severe personality dysfunction or personality disorder.

You are loaded brother, I mean not only you are stupid, ignorant you are also insane and deserved to be isolated from normal people.

Your mulatto background is not a license to come here and disrespect people.

Here on this blog there are many intelligent and well educated individuals who will not stand by and let you come with some divisive opinion! Our country had suffer enough from fights between mulatto and blacks, rich and poor, city dwellers and peasants, suburb and slum dwellers...As a matter of fact, no one should ever answer your post. Me, I have no time to waste with an iconic idiot, a delusional, psychotic "pede" like you....

Zarien Krab, July 8 2008, 2:52 AM

Topic: Haitians the most incompetent and mediocre people

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You like it soft? Is that why you are after Doremi? You think he is soft? My God Doremi was not lying! So, you like it... read more >
Zarien Krab, 8-Jul-08 2:52 am
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Ti Rouge, 8-Jul-08 10:19 am
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 8-Jul-08 6:33 pm
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Doremi Fasol, 8-Jul-08 6:58 pm
Rosenberg, my question to you is why did you denounce you real slave name to adopt a fake name like Rosenberg. read more >
Ti Rouge, 8-Jul-08 9:05 pm
Well,are you haitian?Zoizo mechan choazi Preval,pep la pa legume nan soup read more >
Llyod, 8-Jul-08 9:10 pm
Doremi, Are you a bigot? and Anti-Semite. Please stop, and let me remind you this is against federal law. read more >
Ti Rouge, 8-Jul-08 9:14 pm
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