Little Red or (Ti Rouge), your statement just proved to the...

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Little Red or (Ti Rouge), your statement just proved to the entire world that you are a have a PhD in Igmorance! Supreme idiot, I can care less about your complexion as a "mulatto".If carrying your bag at the airport is what i have to do to survive in Haiti I will do it instead of Kidnapping you, and dump your body in the swamp! ll n'y a pas de sot metier.

This bag of your I will carry, of course! but remember in "that bag" you have some secret and you should be careful to let a man like me carry it. I would make sure that I get your diary and publish its homosexual content on the web! Oh yes! after being " dug up" by these well armed Homo in NY you have to go to Haiti to rest your seek treatment "fey" for Gonorrhea and Aids. My friend, we can help you there! keep your diseasesd "behind" where you are! Please stay in Uncle Sam House with your STD's!
Apre Massisi nan Nou Yok fin'n devore ou, se Haiti youn vie milat sal tankou ou vle alle pou al chache tretman?

It is a shame for a male psrostitute like you not able to afford a cab to go home but you plan to beg some poor man to carry your bag! What did you do with these pennies you got from prostitution?

Thank God in Heaven for your complexion! It will yake you nowhere.

You represent the worst of us! I can not stop laughing at a few individual who, being victims of racisim themselves, take their anger and frustration on others and think they are superior.

Only a superlative idiot like you would make such racist statement...

Doremi Fasol, July 7 2008, 8:29 PM

Topic: Haitians the most incompetent and mediocre people

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Ha hah is all that is to be said about what you had to say. Who is the real "P'tit Sousou" that you cannot even... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 6-Jul-08 12:05 am
Rosenberg, you have to stop paying attention to this retarded creature of the swamp! Please do not waste your time... read more >
Doremi Fasol, 6-Jul-08 1:21 am
I think that your title is totally misleading and show ignorance in your part. I think that if you do your research... read more >
The Professor, 6-Jul-08 7:36 pm
J'ai compris ta frustration a cause de la mediocrite du peuple Haitien et le gout tres avance de Preval pr. le clairin... read more >
Serge Plymouth, 6-Jul-08 7:45 pm
Bingo! Professor you just supported my statement. You just proved that incompetence and the mediocrity is indeed... read more >
Tiba, 6-Jul-08 8:34 pm
Tiba my dear you are a very simplictic person, not having whatesover any idea of what you are talking about.Mediocre... read more >
Emilien, 6-Jul-08 11:58 pm
Emilien, you just proved my point once again, You are criticizing my writing as if you could do better instead of... read more >
Tiba, 7-Jul-08 7:16 am
Doremi be mindful that I am a mulato, and regardless where we are, you'll be the one carrying my bag in Haiti or... read more >
Ti Rouge, 7-Jul-08 10:18 am
Your statement is what is referred to as Little Niger Mentality or Men of Color inferiority Complex Syndrome thus... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 7-Jul-08 5:36 pm
Little Red or (Ti Rouge), your statement just proved to the entire world that you are a have a PhD in Igmorance... read more >
Doremi Fasol, 7-Jul-08 8:29 pm
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