Bingo! Professor you just supported my statement. You just...

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Professor you just supported my statement.

You just proved that incompetence and the mediocrity is indeed embeded in us, Haitians.

Your Ph.D student status is a real disgrace to all Ph.D students by proving the level of your ignorance.

You are so quick to brag about your level of education, as if I should be intimidated or impressed, you don't even seem to understand the meaning of incompetence and mediocrity.

I suggest that you check a dictionary next time before you open your mouth or start bragging about the level of your education.

Professor since you seem to have a limited knowledge about meanings and concepts, please understand that having a Ph.D, being a doctor, a lawyer, a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon, a dishwasher, or a carpenter, does not prevent anyone from being incompetent and mediocre.

Anyone can make all of these accomplishments in life and is still remained incompetent and mediocre.

Amongst a host list of criteria, competence requires that one has the "know-how" (le savoir faire), wisdom, listening skills, communication skills, a well understanding of the task/job, critical thinking ability, humility, the capacity to work well with others, and leadership skills.

Of course, being educated is important to survive especially in this global economy, but don't think you can govern a country, or run a corporation, just because you have a Ph.D.

And there are plenty of examples and evidence in the world proving my point.

Tiba, July 6 2008, 8:34 PM

Topic: Haitians the most incompetent and mediocre people

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Will Rosenberg, 6-Jul-08 12:05 am
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The Professor, 6-Jul-08 7:36 pm
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Serge Plymouth, 6-Jul-08 7:45 pm
Bingo! Professor you just supported my statement. You just proved that incompetence and the mediocrity is indeed... read more >
Tiba, 6-Jul-08 8:34 pm
Tiba my dear you are a very simplictic person, not having whatesover any idea of what you are talking about.Mediocre... read more >
Emilien, 6-Jul-08 11:58 pm
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Tiba, 7-Jul-08 7:16 am
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Ti Rouge, 7-Jul-08 10:18 am
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Will Rosenberg, 7-Jul-08 5:36 pm
Little Red or (Ti Rouge), your statement just proved to the entire world that you are a have a PhD in Igmorance... read more >
Doremi Fasol, 7-Jul-08 8:29 pm
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