Dual Citizenship! Dual Citizenship! Dual Citizen..

Gros-morne Gonaives - July 2 2008, 5:34 PM

"Betancourt was abducted in February 2002 as she was running for president of Columbia.

Because she also holds French citizenship, France's government has campaigned for her release.

She turned 46 on Christmas Day." (Yahoo).

As you may have noticed, this above paragraph was extracted from a Yahoo site after the release of Ingrid Betancourt.

Although I was already aware of her dual-citizenship status, while she was running for president, I take the opportunity to remind all our selfish Haitian politicians that they still have time to redeem themselves after they have caused so much harms to the country in the very name of a constitition, that nobody seems really serious to call into revision.

Haiti is a country that has been facing countless of challenges; hypocrisy, selfishness, incompetence, bitterness and backwardness must not be excluded from that sadly-long list of challenges.

The country desperately needs the help of all of us. It is time to end these politics of exclusion.

Haitian people need to question those local politicians that are so eager to restrict the political landscape.

It is already clear that there is no magical solutions to move the country forward, but practical solutions exist.

Haitian politicians cannot continue to fear competition from Haitians with a different citizenship.

Please open the political landscape.

A lot of you do not have the resolve nor the know-how to get the job done. I feel sorry if I sound impolite.

I just want to go straight to the point.

Please bring urgently "dual citizenship" to the negociation table and the country will have a new beginning.

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