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Wow! compatriots I took some times to reflect on the significant loss we encounter this week in our country.

This is something we should reflect on in amore significant way. We should take some times to analyse the lesterious unfolding of the group and its disparition.

When I consider the words that are the songs that the dejavoo right we can see how they tell us exactly all that they were about to face. Oh God!

We should take look at the emaning of the word catafalk we will see it as a direct connection with death.

Cebatus was like the King of the group so his words and his stage name has a particular significance to the entire group.

Catafalk is associated with death.The power of words.

n. catafalque, estrade décorée sur laquelle on place un cercueil; décoration funèbre au dessus d'un cercueil.n. platform for a coffin
n. catafalque

May their soul reat in peace.

They did speak truth to power and motivate the new generation to cherish life and take a stand for change.


Louinel Jean, June 18 2008, 2:09 AM

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