It would be fair to say that the members of the incompetent...

Zarien Krab - June 16 2008, 4:08 AM

It would be fair to say that the members of the incompetent parliament should be beaten up with a good, sturdy and thorny " kokomakak".

Clervaux, you are 100% right.

Democracy is forced on us and it is killing us. the country is doing far worst under the so called democratic government than under the dictatorial rule of the Duvalier.

It is a shame to see our country going dowm so fast. We need a strong president who should disolve this stupid "parlememt", put its members to jail, beat them up for incompetence and treason.

I will not oppose the return to power of the Duvalier with all his terrible Tonton Macoutes.

It seems like they were right by keeping a tight leach on the country.


the rejection of Robert Manuel

The tragie-comedie that is being played with the destiny of our nation by those mercenaries of the chamber of deputy...

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well considering we are dealing with a senate that is...

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