Louinel, I am sort of puzzled by your reaction to the Robert...

Linda - June 15 2008, 10:13 AM

Louinel, I am sort of puzzled by your reaction to the Robert Manuel results.

Are you not a person who RESPECTS the constitutional laws of our nation.

I don't know RM, nor do I know any of the members who voted against him. What I do know is the law, and the Haitian constitution states that to become PM one must have lived in the country for 5 months, own property, and be a Haitian citizen.

Now THAT is THE LAW. If you want the law changed than that is what you should fight for. In the mean time, why hate those who did the right thing by respecting and following the constitutional laws of our country.

We are either a country governed by law or we are this mess that we've been since the revolution--a country guided by preferences, in which people are put in high government offices just because someone likes them, or because they are someone's uncle or cousin.


what does parliement mean to haiti?

right now i would feel no way if heard that the people were burning down the legislative palace. They meaN ABSOLUTELY...

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