death: is the perfect remedy for criminalsss

Kid On The Block - December 20 2006, 7:54 PM

I think in this case death penality will be the only remedy to stop these criminels, Think about, more than 10 millions people in haiti an abroad are under stress every single day because of kindapping, even we try to negociate with them they show no regret.

because of these criminals haiti is shut down from school to visitors.

do you know, who many thousand of haitian who want to visit their family for this holiday season, do you know how much money the haitian economy lost, because of kidnaping.

To me death penality in not enough, because if the kidnapper know once getting caught in the next 2 months after judgement their heads will be on a stik in the public place I promess you they will cool down, the kidnapper consider this as a bonus for them when nobody want death penality for them. If we exsecute 3 kidnappers in daily light for their crime in front of the family victims In next 2 weeks afer that haiti will be safe to do business p-a-p will be booming with business, hotel, restaureant club will be loaded, me and you can take our family for vacation down there.

But when we try yo be nice to a couple dozen criminals that paralize a whole nation fron head to toe, to me it is not fair for all the victim, also haiti do not have enough money to feed a criminal for the rest of his life, the strong message is to exsecute the first one the rest will learn from that, even the judge should face death penality if we find out they free criminal for money they should face the same consequence

Most of the time we blame international community for our faillure, but in this case whoto blame?

HAITIAN!!!!!!! not dominican, cuban, french, canadian, cause all the kidnappers are all 100% haitian who are destroying our own country.

Haiti doday no foreign invistor will go in haiti to do business, why?

because we try to be nice to criminals
One more time give a try to death penality making sure we caught the real kidnapper, cause we do not want (innocent paye pou koupab)thanks, I need your impression


The death penalty is not the solution

I support life in prison for kidnappers and murderers. However i strongly oppose the death penalty. It makes no sense...

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I understand your point of view and your concerns...

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