Kidnapping in Haiti

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I have lost faith in the Preval's administration.

It has shown that this administration is not doing/giving what deems the most important thing to/for Haiti/haitian, which is to provide security.

it is a shame...too many innocent children and adults are dying; and nothing is being done to resolve the madness.

It has proven that the government is incompetent of the job. Likewise millions of haitians at home and abroad, my heart is tearing apart to see how the people back home are being destroyed both mentally and physically.

Mr. President, you have got to get tough on this violent calamity that our beloved Haiti is experiencing.

Mr. President, no disrespect, what is leadership?

we voted you so that you would do everything within you power to ensure the safety of the people; and you have failed us. The whole dillema of the kidnapping is occurring in just one city of the country, and nothing can be done of it...that's poor governing Mr. President.

I have plan to receive my Doctorate degree on Criminal Justice, hoping that I may come to Haiti and give back to my people.

God bless you and God bless Haiti

Your fellow Haitian,

Bruce Lee, December 20 2006, 10:23 AM

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