elites should just watch and stay out of way

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The elites of Haiti should just sit back and watch how this situation in Haiti plays itself out {ie famine, kidnapping and foreigners with guns on Haitian soil.} However, they should take care of their families regardless of skin tone noirs, mulatres or anything else. After all they do not ow anybody else anything.

Certainly not the Haitian government that have done their best according to history to destroy them, specifically during the past 50 years.

Let the Haitian masses "get" all those people, After all they are the ones who have been stealing the tax money, the foreign aid money even the donated foreign food, if the reports are correct.

Some of the Donated Rice have been sold on the Dominican Rep. market.

A lot of those leaders in Haiti could never have become multimillionaires based on their current and past salaries.

Next time the 'peuple' need to storm the private homes of the thieves who are in the government to take back from them what rightfully belong to the Haitian people.

Time is short, in fact time is running out. There is a limited nuclear war predicted for the end of this year 2008 or the beginning of 2009. I guess that President Bush will go out with a big bang or stop the elections all together.

This will affect Haiti and Haitians because donations will drop to a trickle.

The most vulnerable in Haiti's population will be mortally affected.

I might sound a bit cruel but when resources are scarce people should take care of their families first and foremost.

All Haitians who are living on the East coast of the United States are advised to get out of those areas.

If New York city becomes a target: The people who lives in the state of new York, in Massachusetts, in Connecticut, in New Jersey etc etc will be affected.

Lionne, June 5 2008, 10:40 PM

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