Haitien people you and me can do the jod

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I read many comments today about your writer.

Some say we need to do things for our country.

I agreed with those people, so us today, I care meet you if have ideas we can share about Haiti, let meet somewhere or I have a club we can talk about things and we can make plant for country, I'm only 25 years old and I have great ideas, other Haitien people have great ideas we need to share.

My ideas its to make web site to raising fund form where we leave.

if we meet .we will write to the gouvernement let them heard our ideas, throught for country they will help. If we sencere, and truth to oursefl.

If anyone like my ideas want to share yours.

and let me. So if like it. E-mail or phone me. when youe-mail list your names address, phone#.

or E-mail address.

We can start with 4 to 10 people or more. but we to talk about a place we need to meet, If anyone agreed with me let me known about it.
I'm your friend sisters and brothers if we want to meet.

My e-maiil: brownmillien_w2002 [at] yahoo.com
phone: 781-866-6326

Woodlyne Millien, December 19 2006, 8:50 PM

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