some good old haitian songs to bring back memories

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Do you remember those songs which used to make you feel that Haiti was so full of life?

What ever happened to inspiring artists like those of yesterdays whose aspiration was to never let Haiti die?

Who remembers those songs that used to keep us sane when calm as we used to dance them at small local parties such Communions, Baptisms or at small trips "Journee Special" to the beach on Saturday mornings and evenings.

What happened of our dear Haiti now the s1ut of every occupiers and indignant shameless sell out politicians...

What can we do as future generations not to inherit the incompetent flaws of these fake unconscienable senators and deputies selling the Country for High US Life Insurance of their family that they put their own family to lay in coffins and take their pictures by falsifying and forged fake death decree documents, only to come to the United States and claim the Life Insurance Money on those allegedly false deaths of those family members.

Anyway people, stay strong and rejoice in those great old songs.

What can we do, the Country is and has been under Foreign Occupation and exploitation of Foreign influences. /

Wilgeens Rosenberg, June 2 2008, 5:40 AM

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Claudy, 2-Jun-08 4:59 pm
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Foucault Richard, 4-Jun-08 1:24 am
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 4-Jun-08 1:45 am
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Haiti Retro, 23-May-10 6:31 pm


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