Crisis in Haiti

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The problem to haiti is not what the President and the Prime minister can do about the crisis?

But the vital question that we all must ask to one another is what can we as an individual, a citizen do to help those in power with the crisis that the haitian people or the nation are facing years and till today.

How can we help them to implement anything in a country where a group of people are terorising the poor nation?

We all should be held accountable for the problems.

We need to stop pointing finger and start trying to get a solution because it starts from me and start from you. If we start sending this message abroad and across the nation then we will get somewhere.

But if we wait for the President to do something about it now what happend five years later?

Another President if we are lucky otherwise "deja vous" all over again and we will be asking the same question.

Jean Preval, December 19 2006, 4:16 AM

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Dumorange, 20-Dec-06 9:56 am


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