massacre des mulatres blood for blood

Lucien - June 1 2008, 5:46 PM

Why should a Haitian citizens die just because he is an educated mulatre.

Those who died in Jeremie had not committed any crimes.

What crimes did those tortured children have committed.

There will be no fraternity whatsoever, no help coming from ANY OF US until our blood have been avenged.

I would like to see the entire DUVALIER CLAN EXTERMINATED along with all the military personnel and macoutes who have murdered and tortured people.

He who live by the sword should perish by the sword.

The backward ignorant black trash of Haiti is allowed to multiply without control, while the middle class and more educated mulatres were exterminated.

The ignorant rulers and followers are in fact killing the future of their own country.

That's exactly what is happening to Haiti.

The black mass is paying for the actions of their black leaders.

This noirist business only goes as far as their self interest is concerned.

They have not improved the lot of the black masses no matter of how many mulatres they have killed for nothing.

Those are the actions of people that are mean, violent and cruel.

How many black children did any mulattoes extinguish their cigarettes in their eyes and tortured them and their families to death?

None. This type of cruelty have emerged among the uncivilized black majority.

They do not mind sleeping with our women not matter how noirist they have claimed to be. 75% percent of the blacks in Haiti are a bunch of bossales.



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