Prime Minister Robert Manuel

1 6 3 1 - May 30 2008, 9:00 AM

Haiti's President Rene Preval has proposed a longtime friend and advisor to occupy the Prime Minister seat in Haiti.

Is it official yet?

Did the parliament aprove it?

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Robert N says...

Bob Manuel is the worst possile person for this post. Ok he can maybe help the insecurity, but what does he know about... more »

Wilgeens Rosenberg says...

You Haitians actually do not know who you want or whom is fit for the Government of Haiti. If Ericq Pierre whom had... more »

Trebu Patriote says...

This guy cannot be Prime Minister. He has blood on his hands. Under the first term of Preval,in October 1999, He... more »

Trebu Patriote says...

This guy is a murderer. He has helped Preval kill political opponents during the first term. Pastor Leroy of MDN was... more »

Darkangel says...

What do you expect from a tafiateur. The failed bakery owner is spending millions on his mistress Elizabeth Debrosse... more »

Tirouge says...

You are a worse cowardly human been if you know this information to be true, and have kept it you know where. You are... more »