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Why is it that security is not just the responsibility of the government.

Explain to me in clear and simple terms how me, as a civilian is also responsible for the security of the country.

I agree that we all have to work together to help develop the country.

Especially those of us living abroad, But frankly my friend i don't see how i'm responsible for the insecurity.

It's the responsibility of the government to create a police and whatever other forces necessary to provide security for the population.

No civilian has the legal power to create a police force or any othe sort of arm group.

James, December 18 2006, 3:59 PM

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Dumorange, 18-Dec-06 8:06 am
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Rubennz G, 18-Dec-06 9:23 am
Why is it that security is not just the responsibility of the government. Explain to me in clear and simple terms how... read more >
James, 18-Dec-06 3:59 pm
Louinel, 18-Dec-06 4:07 pm
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Jim, 18-Dec-06 7:42 pm
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Jdaniel, 19-Dec-06 3:47 am
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Dumorange, 19-Dec-06 8:49 am
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