Does Robert Manuel have blood on his hands?

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The Senate and the Lower House have to question Robert Manuel, the newly appointed Prime Minister, regarding the murder of a former officer of the Haitian Army named Jean Lamy.

Robert Manuel was acting as Secretary of Public Security.

He was in conflict with the former president Aristide while serving under his boss: President Preval (first term).

He was then forced to resign.

Jean Lamy, closed ally of Aristide, had a good chance to replace Robert Manuel.

The day preceding Robert Manuel departure for Mexico, he had a long meeting with Jean Lamy. Most observers said that after the meeting, in the evening, Jean Lamy who was home, received a phone call from a familiar voice.

He left his house in Delmas to meet someone somewhere in the city.

Later on he was found dead in his car at the level of Lalue.

They still searching for the murderers.

Robert Manuel has to say everything he knows about this killing.

The Senators and the Deputies need to clarify this matter before even receving Robert Manuel's papers.

It would be unfair to the Haitian People to be governed by someone who has blood on his hands and who has his place behind bar not at the Primature.

It would be also wise to clarify with Mr Manuel the murder of Pastor Leroy of Hubert De Ronceray's political party, critic of President Preval.

The Senators and the Deputies have the historic responsibilty to defend the Haitian people.

The congressmen from the Department of Grand'Anse (where Jean Lamy is from) need to be the at the front line of this battle against this flagrant injustice.

Failing to do so will open the doors for more deceptions and more unrest.

Trebu Patriote, May 29 2008, 8:54 AM

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