security is the responsibility of the government

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I never said he was the problem, he's clearly not the solution either.

And yes a country cannot be developed by a president or a government alone, private sectors have to contribute.

But it is the job of the president and the government he appointed to create a safe environment, where investors will feel safe enough to invest.I'm well aware of the fact that the government cannot provides jobs to every haitians, no government can ever do such a thing.But they CAN create an environment that attracts investors.

With people being kidnapped and killed everyday in the country, who's going to risk their life and invest.You have a country where people can destroy your property or your business just because they don't like you. I also realize that this government has only been in power for a few months and they couldn't have gotten much done in such a short time. Haiti has far too many problems and no leader can solve them in a few months, that's just impossible.

But in those fews months they could have at least present a plan to deal with the insecurity.

Instead the Prime minister insists on negotiating with criminals.

A method that is not working.

And besides how can you negotiate with criminals, we're talking about people who murder school children cutting off people's head, these people have no respect for a human life. How can a prime minister, the head of government negotiates with such people.

As for Preval my problem with him is his nonchalance.

He's got the same i don't care attitude that he had during his first term in office when he said that infamous quote "nage pou'w soti".

He should have stayed in Marmelade and let someone who actually care about the country lead the country.

James, December 17 2006, 9:59 PM

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