Ti rene pral cuba le 26

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Dear Ti Rene,

You know from day one that you were sick.

Why did you accept to take over the country?

When are you (specimen of lavalas) going to stop hurting the beautiful Haiti.

There is nothing wrong with Haiti, the problem is you and all the so call leaders.

You are a bunch of fakers.

Shame on you all.
You people caused Haiti to become paria of the world.

You people cause Haiti to receive less and less respect worlwide.

Dear ti rene (vendeur de pain) I want to remind you we had great haitian in the past. Since you and the "fatras" lavalas came to power Haiti became cahos.

Haiti is going for the worse.

Stay in Cuba and drop dead that will be great for Haiti.


Jacques Daddy Jean, December 17 2006, 8:39 AM

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