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when you leave office and go home to rest and passing the many people in street trying to remain alive what exactly are you thinking for them?

what exactly you think the need at this particular time?

Why is it that as long as you have a jeep and a few dallar in your porket, you simply say the hell to people because you think the present will always be culprit?

I guess I should blame the Haitian people because they are the ones who vote for people who they don't know abosolutely anything about, their character, and personal history.

As long the people love preval, every body who runs behind the preval ticket will get voted in.This is where we need to teach the people about the idea of scrutinising a man before calling him a leader.

they people must understand the concept of merit.

We have men who have no concept of loyalty whatsoever, no sens of pride, no interest in restoring the dignity of the people.

They are in love with corruption.

That's all. And that is what makes Haiti right now, a bad place, yes a bad place.

I am sorry, it is my country, but I have never seen a country with politicians so in love with " CRISIS " "corruption"to the point where they become blind to their people crumbling in poverty and dispair.

I rest my case.

I hope History will forgive you all

Louinel Jean, May 20 2008, 12:33 AM

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