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This is all I have to say about any Haitian politicians right now. It is what I think of the Haitian senate and parliament all in this song and the collective World International body is looking at us like those guys coming out of the bush to look a spectacle.

When in fact what they are really saying about us is that: "That will teach them a lesson, those arrogant former slaves with their 1804 third generation slave revolt.

We did not expect much from them anyhow and there is no way we even thought they would get this far into existence and it was about darn time their destruction is near. THey cannot get their sh!t together and we have given them plenty of time, bunch of premature immature amateurs" is what the former White conquers of the collective International World Bodies are saying about Haiti and the Haitian people, mostly those fake Haitian politician sell outs. Any who, here is the clip...

Will Rosenberg, May 19 2008, 12:21 AM

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Even tho it hurts but I have to agree with you my friend. The president is a good man with haiti at heart. It is those... read more >
Wesly Villier, 19-May-08 1:12 pm


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