1930 American report predicted Haiti's doom part I

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Published march 26 1930, 15 years through the occupation- Cameron Forbes chairman
page 6: "..it was not until the disastrous financial situation could be straightened out by the flotation of the loan of 1922 that a constructive policy could be carried out.." Translation: the occupation used Haiti's own money and resources to rebuild Haiti not their own money.

page 7: "...peace was secured by the elimination of banditry.

Peace and order were restored by the Marines by 1920 and road building was begun under Marine auspices." Translation: kill dam niggers, build roads to make it easier
page 7 "...road between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitian was practically impassable except on horseback.

Now it is done in six hours by automobile." Translation:PaP & Cap are linked for greater control
page 7 "...

an efficient constabulary has been organized and trained and has maintained peace and order." Translation: a police force who will become a mecernary army at our disposal for future oppression of the Haitian people.

page 7: "...Under the treaty of 1915 the assistance of the United States was not provided for in the matter of education..." Translation: you dam black people don't need any education, do you! ya need bullets and some rice.
page 8: "...commission disappointed at the evidence it received of lack of appreciation on the part of the educated Haitians..." Translation: the Haitian elite is anti-occupation since it could no longer manipulate and mislead.

page 19: "...These bandit gangs have been broken up and disappeared under American rule, but the social forces that created them still remain - poverty, ignorance, and the lack of a tradition or desire for free government." Translation: although we havent tackled any or resolved none of Haiti's fundamental underlying problems, we're leaving anyway.

Ya on your own.Bye
Thanks for nothing uncle Sam!
More to come next time or go and read it for yourself.

welcome to the revolution

Rubens F. Titus, May 13 2008, 5:34 PM

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