Bush Congratulates Preval - by G. Simon

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Bush Congratulates Haiti's Preval
By VOA News
29 March 2006

Rene Preval
President Bush has congratulated incoming Haitian President Rene Preval and says he is looking forward to working with the president-elect.

A National Security Council spokesman, Frederick Jones, says Mr. Bush and Mr. Preval met for about five minutes at the White House Tuesday.

Jones says the president reaffirmed U.S. interest in Haiti's democratic and economic development and the U.S. commitment to stay engaged in helping Haitians build their institutions and economy.

The brief meeting took place one day after President-elect Preval spoke to the U.N. Security Council, asking the international community for more long-term aid to boost his impoverished country's economy and promote democracy.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Mr. Preval is scheduled to address the Organization of American States Wednesday, in Washington.

Mr. Preval was elected last month and is due to take office in early May.

G. Simon, March 29 2006, 11:05 AM

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Bush Congratulates Haiti's Preval By VOA News 29 March 2006 Rene Preval President Bush has congratulated incoming... read more >
G. Simon, 29-Mar-06 11:05 am
Moise, 9-May-06 10:50 am
Le mouvement Ultra National(MOUN) est l'espoir du pays. Le mouvement n'est pas encore connu mais nous allons etre a... read more >
Yves Lonmaren, 14-Sep-06 9:37 pm
i would like to get the president information meaning his email address, phone number either one of this info for we... read more >
Mo, 20-Sep-06 11:19 am
It is time to rebuld Haiti. This can only happend when we take down the Gangs. Manhatan NY was like that, there were 5... read more >
Laurent, 25-Nov-06 9:38 am
His name was Claude Preval. Although he was exiled in the early days of Francois Duvalier and served as a minister... read more >
Jdaniel, 5-Dec-06 5:05 am
we have failed to see that the soulution to solve haiti's problem.It is clear as day.primo,there need to be a... read more >
A.bernardin, 23-Dec-06 6:25 pm
rene preval is a piece a caca because he is the wrorse president in the world read more >
Aristide, 19-Jan-07 12:29 pm
If your name is Aristide, you are not deserving of that name. Knowing Aristide, he could never make that statement... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 19-Jan-07 12:45 pm
President Rene Preval wants to unify the haitian people by making a coalition government.Now it is up to the... read more >
Jean M. Narcisse, 25-Feb-07 3:52 pm
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