What is it that we as Haitians really want? Somewhere down the...

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What is it that we as Haitians really want?

Somewhere down the line, not everybody is going to be satisfied.

Almost any plan that a leader has will have those that are for and those that are against his plan; but as long as they are coming up with solutions for Haiti it really does not matter is what many Haitians are not taking into consideration.

NO Privatization:

You think one would say, well because the states have been running most of the Country's State run businesses that there would be some kind of firm regulations on things.

No, when the state run those businesses you have those officials fulling their own pockets and impose all kind of illegal taxes and take into accountability that each and every little middle men want their cut of the pie.

YES Privatization:

Then here come those who will oppose it simply to state that the possibility of exploitation is a prospect.

Meanwhile all this going back and forth disagreements really is not doing anything for Haiti.

The problem is not often with the President.

The problem is with Parliament of Legislative in Haiti who are a bunch of unconscionable politicians or lawmakers whoa re not worth anything.

Democracy may not seem to be working for Haiti in the context that many people may perceive what democracy really is elsewhere.

Not the Democracy that exist in other real Nations anyway.

Haiti the next PResident of Haiti must be a Progressive Dictator with full power of a military force behind him that could counter any opposition from any opposition from other political parties.

Because if a President who is the executive branch was to say screw those incompetent lawmakers then it would be dictatorship and that President would face all kind of opposition like Aristide did from those greedy lawmakers who would feel cut off and out of the loop to continue to thieve the Country like they always do.

Tell me where but in Haiti you will go to a Congressional session where more than half of the Deputies or Senators are not present and no one in the parliament can know what of their absences and they still get to keep their jobs?

Ironically Haitians need to realized that after all there is this too vast amount of Democracy in Haiti of which does not suit Haiti.

Will Rosenberg, May 12 2008, 9:49 PM

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