El Caribeno, We do not expect that the Infrastructure of Haiti...

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el Caribeno,

We do not expect that the Infrastructure of Haiti will resemble the Infrastructure that of other advanced developed Countries and Haiti does not have to look like them. Standing tall buildings and congested skyscrapers does not mean or necessarily make a Country beautiful.

Simply we will improve it to the point where basic quality of life and standard leaving conditions are better where people are less dependent on Charcoal, as long as the streets are clean, sanitary and the houses are painted and we start the sense of Block Committee Group again in the Country and maintain its Island beauty, we will be alright as this will represent a start for bigger infrastructural projects.

Without any doubt, Haiti has devastating economical issues and challenges along with the demagogues of corrupted politicians which represent a threat to the development of the Country.

However and nevertheless, it is not too late to turn thing around.

It will not require 25 years to change things in Haiti.

It is only too late if goys like you and I and other just sit back and do nothing.

That new face for Haiti that you are talking about depends on you and me and others to start making it happen.

Haiti has a Virgin market hungry for investors and many other prospects to come pouring in. Understandably many tend to be reluctant given the fear of the insecurity issue in the Country.

As soon as there is any sense of calm and economical gain, the Country will be back up and with my help and yours we can do more to give Haiti that view yo are so desperately yearning for. Of course it will be too late and nothing will change if you and I are not affirmative enough to say that we can make a difference.

The Country's backbone is with the agricultural working force of our beloved peasants in the provincial countryside.

How old are you and what do you do now in life that you cannot start engaging in Haiti now?

Who are you actually waiting on?

How do you face obstacles in your life?

Is it by running from it, put the workload on someone else of having to blame someone else?

HOw to you fix your own problem?

Is Haiti not your problem as it is mine?

so what are we going to do?

What can you do?

Did you read the post I posted on here that is titled HAITI IS SAFER THAN IS GIVEN CREDIT FOR, did you see it?

There is so much you and I can do that it will not require for you to even be involve with the Government to help make changes in Haiti.

There are great Organizations that are doing amazing work in Haiti, maybe it is time that you join one of them. Some of them pay and some of them just take care of expenses such as your plane ticket, your basic standard living necessities or some of them allow you a budget allowance spending and all you have to do in return is cater to the demographic of which that group is trying to reach where you can be a teacher for kids or help plan trees and other humanitarian effort which you will have and take great sense of pride and fulfillment knowing you are helping someone other than yourself in causes that are greater than yourself.

Will Rosenberg, May 12 2008, 5:30 AM

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