Aleksi se yon blofe

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Every body knows him. I interviewed him when I worked as a salesman for a bookstore.

He was the director of a stupid high school on Bwo-vena-Boudon.

; Then by some magic, he founded a so-called university KISKEYA.

The man is not bright, not real, a fakee on all sides of the coin. I don't know how he got to Preval's mind; maybe by childhood friendship, magic, drinking crew, CIA; I don't know.
One thing I know is that is a "Nullity", a fake soldier, a money maker, a dandoukla, a robber of more than 3 hundred million $ while he was prime minister and he put 80 million on Preval's account too to secure his retirement, not expecting the haitian people would choose them again.

Preval is not a thief.

He spent most of that money in Marmelade, his hometown.

But why did he choose Alexis again?

- It is very confusing, very confusing, and Haiti is going deeper through the mud.
We got a stop it. Either Alexis resigns or be forced to in order to replace him by either Verella (the actual public works minister, or Manigat, or Baker (I would love Baker as prime minister)).

Enough is enough.

Aleksi dan doukla pap regle anyen.

Ayisyen Patriyot, December 14 2006, 11:56 PM

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