the posts posted by lionne: oh the hypocrisy.

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While bashing me of having posted too much on a public thread that is about what is pertained to Haiti she is using the very same repetitive tactics to get her views across yet she feels only her can do it and no one else. It is a good thing blogs this day keep record of all the posts ever posted by anyone.

Here is the link to or of all her post and they do not stop there.

Because once you click on each respective ones you see the further more that she has just as much time in her hand as those she is trashing out as having too much time in their hands.


Listen your Highness Lionne, you do not own the copyright to this room which leaves you with the obvious choice to make. HOwever I am not going to tell you what that is because this is not a dictatorship here.

Lo siento mami que tu no vas a tener a tu manera.

Je suis desole que vous n'allez pas l'avoir faire a votre chemin comme vous voulez.

This is not Burger King Miss Lionne queen to have it your way.

Hispanolanoyosoy, May 9 2008, 2:19 AM

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