my goal and commitment for haiti:

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I am in the United States Army, I have been in the Military for 8 years and still I am. I have been deployed a couple of times from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom to Domestic Disaster Reliefs Deployments such as September 11, Katrina and more...

I am going to School and majoring in FILM with three minors in Political Science, Sociology and Economics to include that I am now a US Army reservist and also an ROTC Cadet to soon become a US Army Officer thus meaning I will also be proficient in both Military Laws & Science.


To first be as educated as I possibly can be in those domains to be very competent.

I will use my Filming Education to raise awareness and Promotion of Haiti thus this puts me in the Social aspects of change for Haiti.

I will invest in Tourism and clean up missions by forming contracted Block Committees and Surveillance Watch Groups or Organizations that will keep the streets of Haiti both clean and safe.

I am going to start Foundations which will consist of a platform and an agenda based on and to promote peace between both Independent Nations inhabiting this one beautiful Island called Hispaniola.

Doing or conducting fundraisers to contribute in helping building roads, apartment complexes and possibly new improved cities in areas that are not yet inhabited or with less corrupted and lacking Infrastructures.

I will engage in the promotion of Agriculture by investing in Peasants who wish to work the lands of Haiti.

I will engage in PR efforts sending out Communiques to all Haiti's sons and daughters to start returning to Haiti and serve as role models to invest into Haiti with their money, skills and more...

Lastly, I do not have strong political Ambitions, but I know there are politics in almost every aspect of the problems the Country faces in whole.

with that being said, I will utilize all my Military experience, skills and knowledge to one day if Haiti were to ever o re-institute its Armed Forces that I can be in a position to train new troops by asking the US Government to allow me to be part of a delegation of a Military reform yet while the US will not be engaged in the politics of that Military reform.

I will see to it that Haiti has a fleet in all four branches any Armed forces can have such as Army, Navy Marines and Air Force by working in conjunction with any Haitian Government in power at any given time.

My dream is to retire and die on the soil hence I came. I would rather have my body buried any where on the Island than to have it being buried somewhere else around the globe.


Hispanolanoyosoy, May 8 2008, 11:35 AM

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