Latino is not a look or a physical appearance! It has nothing...

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Latino is not a look or a physical appearance! It has nothing to do with skin color or anything of the sort! It pertains to language only! As for your absurd and ignorant statement declaring that "[Latino Caribbeans] look like most people in South America," that is about the dumbest thing that could come from a supposedly educated adult's lips! Latin America, including parts of the Caribbean, range in race from White to Black and all shades of brown! The same holds true for Britanno America albeit to a lesser degree for the most part! It must be noted that it was the French who actually coined the term "Latin America!" Latinic (Italic) nations of Eurasia are the big 5 - France, Spain, Portugal, Italy (where the Latins came to power first), and Romania! All these nations consist of a 99.99 percent White majority! Thus, true Latinos are White.

Hispanics (Spanish Latinos) are thus White as well. Why Spain or Spanish-speaking people are singled out separately and solely is anybody's guess.

However, Latin American Latinos, using the term "Latino" in it's more obtuse sense, not only includes Latinos Proper who are White, but also those Latinized Blacks, and Mulattos as well! (Note: Latin Americans of Aboriginal ancestry are an ancient Black/White Mix as well).

These Latinized peoples are in a sense, Latinos.

But again, it's not a race, look, or penotype! Haitians are French-speaking Latinos who happen to be predominantly Black and Mulatto.

Dominicans are Spanish-speaking Latinos who happen to also be predominantly Black and Mulatto, but with considerable White as well. Puerto Ricans are mainly White and Mulatto with substantial Black.

Cuba is mainly White and Mulatto with large Black.

Brazilians are Portuguese speaking Latinos with very large White, black, and Mulatto populations.

Technically Cajuns and Quebecans are Latin Americans as well and they are predominantly White! This is simple common sense people! It's not rocket science! If something as simple as this flies over most people's heads, then no wonder America is in trouble these days!

Billy, May 8 2008, 2:04 AM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Steve, 7-May-08 2:36 pm
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Hispanolanoyosoy, 7-May-08 3:19 pm
that can be disputed...but that subject still does not make haitians a latino people..united states help kuwait n iraq... read more >
Latino, 7-May-08 6:58 pm
Haiti or Haitians are not latinos because they have helped those other nations, you stupid Idiot. They are... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 12:54 am
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Hatianpride, 8-May-08 1:28 am
Being Haitian only pinpoints you as to being from an Independent, precise and self sovereign Estate. Haitian is not a... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 2:01 am
Latino is not a look or a physical appearance! It has nothing to do with skin color or anything of the sort! It... read more >
Billy, 8-May-08 2:04 am
your so off your theoly..language does not make you a latino..if the world only spoke chinese..would that makes us... read more >
Hatianpride, 8-May-08 2:20 am
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Latino, 8-May-08 2:31 am
FOR YOU TO COMPREHEND: or if reading is not your thing let us try visual World Fact Book Records On Ethnic/Race... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 8-May-08 2:42 am
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