The PM J.E. Alexis is very competent

Jocelyn Jean - May 7 2008, 12:17 AM

I did not like the way President Preval dismissed the PM. It was his complot with Yuri Latortue.

Yuri Latortue has a taste of President since Gerard Latortue was the PM. Yuri Latortue would not like the Haitians people consider Haiti as a good candidate to be president.

Yuri Latortue wants people to have a bad opinion of Mr. Alexis.

Yuri, you did a mistake and Preval followed you. Everybody know who you are: dug dealers, criminal.

Alexis is a competent and honest man. President Preval you will not find a PM better that Mr. Alexis.

How dare those illetrate senators call the PM after one month they have talked to him and he gave them the plan that he was following.

How dare those illeterate who are doing nothing than paying desperate people to take the street, to destabilize the gouvernment for their own benefit?.

(by the way, Yuri Latortue stold a property in Gonaives where he built a house for his mother.

The property does not belong to him. Yuri Latortue is also a thief.

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