Digicel In Haiti Reason For Teleco Employees Fired

Lalione - May 3 2008, 7:33 PM

Its always a good idea to tell people the truth about why they are being fired, like the 20 thousand Teleco employees in Haiti.

Those people were working from 15 to 30 years in that company.

It's cruel to just let them go without any severance pay. Shame on you President Preval.

see video on www.Radioginen.com about Teleco click: manifestation:
Digicel's presence on the Haitian market is actually a good thing for local consumers.

Digicel offers have been commercialized since May 2006. Digicel obtained a license to operate a GSM network on the island since June 2005. The operators already in place in Haiti operate on CDMA and TDMA networks.

Digicel represents billions of dollars in investment.Many Haitians looking for job and business opportunities are jumping on the Digicel wagon.

Les offres de DIGICEL, quatrième opérateur mobile à Haïti sont commercialisées depuis mai 2006.
Digicel a obtenu une licence d'exploitation d'un réseau GSM sur l'île depuis juin 2005; les autres opérateurs déjà présents à Haïti s'appuient sur des réseaux CDMA et TDMA. Digicel représente des billions de dollars d'investissement (USD) en Haiti.

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