Aistide betrayed the Haitian people. THIEF VOLEUR

Lazarus - April 29 2008, 12:03 PM

Aristide must be prosecuted for drug trafficking, money laundering and theft of the Haitian treasury and Teleco and embezzlement of public funds.

There is a 74 pages civil law suit against Aristide in Miami federal court, accusing him of stealing millions from the Haitian people.

Aristide was said to have abused his power and deceived and betrayed the Haitian people by directing and participating in ongoing and fraudulent schemes.

According to Aristide's former National Police Brigade commander Rudy Therassen arrested in Miami.

The Murder of Hector Ketant was ordered by the Aristide Government in 2003..

The detailed descriptions in the affidavit of Aristides former security chief Oriel Jean and Hector Ketant brother Beaudoin Jacque Ketant closely resembled the affidavits of Rudy Therassen and other informants according to DEA agent Noble Harrison and US attorney David Weistein.

President Preval asked the Miami court to stop the prosecution of his friend Aristide citing problem with lawyer's fees. The allegations against Aristide come from numerous sources.

Aistide betrayed the Haitian people just like Judas betrayed Jesus.

He must stand trial.

Assassinats multiples non résolus ou simplement occultés de Mireille Durocher Bertin, de Sylvio Claude, du Pasteur Leroy, du Dr. Lafontant, de Claude Raymond, de Henry Max Mayard, de Frank Duré Placide, des 3 fils de Mme Viola Robert, de la policière Marie Cristine Jeudi, de Jean-Marie
Vincent, du Père Jean Pierre-Louis, de Briol Lindor, de Jean Dominique et de tant d'autres.

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