Haiti se Lenfer

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Most ofus was thinking since we have a new Governtment the situation was going to be better for our fox in Haiti Lenfer, apparently it become worst than it was before, I really don't blame it on you Mr President Haiti Dilama started more than 200 years ago where Neigue pa vle oue Neigue instead for them to sit in the table to see what they can do to help most of them are contrubing to the crime.

Now the holidays are coming a lot of us can not go to spend time with our families in Haiti not only we can't go we can't even communicate with them by phone, mail,internet, ect.
That's a shame for a country who was in a hurry to get it independance if our ancestors knew Haiti was going to be like that after 200 years I am sure they will have to leave it in the hand of French
YOU criminals I am talking to YOU Dessaline, Toussaint and all those who gave their LIVES for that Independance fougth very hard
200 years no infraustructors, no electricity
no water, no phone, malnutrution, the prejudice is getting ridiculous among rich and poor as always
I try to call my family for past seven days I can not get in, finally when I get in they told me for the past 10 days there were no Power

YOU Politicians
HOW DO YOU expect a Human been live like that for past 200 years and you are all travel around the World you saw nice things in the other countries come home do the same thing we are all Haitians I don't care if you are Mulatoes, Blacks, White, Spanish
PLEASE, PLEASE,do something Damm
Tell me how many Billionaires, Millionaires who died an took the money with them
Suspend joure, Susppend tue moune Suspend fe fetish, baye Peyi ya gnou souffe pou'l VIV
For the New Years to come with Prosperite

Thank you Happpy Holiday to you all

Malan, December 12 2006, 4:13 AM

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