Ministre Pierre and Aristide

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Fremzolove2be asked who is this Pierre that is going to be the new P Ministre?

I had the same question, but I think we have our answer right here.

I got this from the posted article

34;"The Lavalas party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in exile in South Africa, is ready to vote for the nomination of Mr. Pierre," Senator Rudy Heriveaux told AFP""

If you read it than you understand that this Pierre is a member of the Lavalas Party and that Aristide is on his way back into Haiti.

His returned is just being done in such a sneaky way that the majority of the Haitian people who can't read or write wont even see him coming.

Linda, April 28 2008, 12:50 AM

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Fremzolove2be, 28-Apr-08 1:02 am
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Mohamad Hu, 28-Apr-08 2:59 am
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Linda, 28-Apr-08 7:45 pm
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Fremzolove2be, 28-Apr-08 8:59 pm
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Elsie, 29-Apr-08 1:19 am
The Devil from Port Salut, I mean Aristid, should stay away! he gave the final blow that brings our country to its... read more >
Jpp, 29-Apr-08 1:48 am
It was written that the devil usually comes to you like an angel of light. Aristide has no conscience, for he is a... read more >
Lazarus, 29-Apr-08 12:03 pm
My friend, you could not be more right. This hell sent demon is power hungry. I am trying to do my best to go to... read more >
Jpp, 30-Apr-08 3:55 am


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