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Someone is posting on this blog using the initial "L..." One blogger, who must be new here, thought it was me, Linda.

Anyone who'se been blogging with me on this site for a long time knows that I NEVER use the type of language that some of the low-life bloggers use. I never curse.

So, 1) let me make this clear for the new bloggers: Linda always sign her post with Linda, because its stupid to keep changing blogger names since no one knows who you are anyway.

(Every once in a while there are other bloggers who come on and have the name Linda, but the last one was a while ago.)

2) I am not "L..." And L could never be me because I was raised properly and know that when a person is using foul language it means that they are not intelligent enough to make their point in a civilized manner.

To me anyone who uses foul language is not worth my time.

Linda, April 27 2008, 10:07 AM

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Jojo, 27-Apr-08 10:24 am


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