Since you are pretending to be a female and therefore Linda, I...

Tatie - April 26 2008, 3:55 PM

Since you are pretending to be a female and therefore Linda, I will go along with it. FEO / FEA. You are the one spitting venom.

You are from the gutter, the rat was your Puta Loca Prostitute mother from the Dominican Republic, a state that has killed over 20,000 thousands of Haitians.

According to:
I do not see why you are promoting a relationship with them or rather pestering people in this forum with your identity crisis under your WilgreenRosenberg Aka Hispanioyosoy Identity, when those very Dominicans continue to treat our people badly and was rumored to have burned about 19 Haitians not too long ago. Futhermore you are always advising evil, either against the bourgeois our own citizens or "you hope they do not find the gold in Haiti" in a previous post or not to move the country forward with solar energie lamps and lately to let millions of families of private citizens starve and not to modernize to stop all the new projects until the issue of double nationality is resolve (something that concerns you more that the health and well being of millions of Haitians).

You seem to be the TRAITOR in this forum, a dictator who lacks common sense.

The son a Puta who was probably raise in Haiti but who is half Dominican Traitor.

When the Titus was not active during the food crisis in Haiti is only because IT was busy posting under multiple names all kinds of criticism and nasty political messages.

We just sat back and watched.

Who rang your bell anyway DING DONG. Its your fault that maniac kicked me on the shin yesterday.

I had to threaten to break her computer for her to leave me alone.

Next time REPLY TO TOPIC not the individual that way your stupid reply wont be forwarded to our common e-mail address B I T C H. You might have a short memory, but you are getting insulted not because someone disagree with you but because you insulted us before under your multiple identities and lastly for some stupid american idol hippopotamus named Johanne Bogella.

Is she related to you selondieuJerkbastard.

Why don't you keep your promess and not reply to our post. We post a variety of interesting stuff.

We do not come on this blog just because we are lonely and want to have a conversation like you. A s s Wipe.
Read more about human rights abuse in your Dominican Republic Traitor:

According to La Frontera: An Issue of Anti-Haitianismo or Anti-Africanismo
"Reading the headlines from Dominican, Haitians, and International newspapers give the impression that only illegal Haitians are being expelled from the Dominican Republic.

Far from the reality are Haitians with their identity cards or cedulas, Haitian descendents, and even black Dominicans are expelled from Dominican Republic.

Many families have been torn apart, separated due to this ongoing situation."

Response to:

You replied to my post and therefore you were...


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