RPT, electricity is a fundamental need for all nations. I like...

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RPT, electricity is a fundamental need for all nations.

I like the idea of working on both feeding the people while we start working on on the electricity problem.

I believe that if the people are not starving they will not steal the lamps because most Haitians are fundamentally good people.

More than that, one thing I know very well from my research of Haitians from all social levels is that we love to educate our kids. If Haitians are not starving, they wont steal the lamps because it means that their children will have light to study.

And so, thus begins progress.

I was a little confused by what you meant by "la mise en sacs du goano de l'ile de La Navase, pour constituer l'engrais." I am not sure that I got what you were trying to say. Why this fertilizer?

Is it free?

I'm just not sure what the suggestion was.

What I do know is that we need some serious people who can come up with some great, but easy, agricultural development ideas for Haiti.

These people need to not be the usual suspects: the IMF, USAID, or some other agency with no clue what will or will not work for the Haitian pleople.

These agencies have a history of devastating failure in all "third world" countries.

There needs to be speedy analyses done per region to decide what will work for each region.

And wen I say "speedy" that's exactly what I mean, because another thing we don't want is a whole bunch of people getting rich by pretending to be doing extensive analyses of the regions that can be used for agriculture.

We know that real good people who care for Haiti and have knowledge of agriculture are out there already.

So, a government that is not completely idiotic can just announce that they will give an award to the best agricultural plan submited for Haiti.

Because Haiti is so corrupt, there would have to be a system to keep those who will approve the plan from finding out who the people are who are submiting them. There would have to be a group of people receiving the plans and different groups evaluating them. Those receiving the plans could remove all names on them and assign them numbers before they are actually passed on to the people who will read and approve them.

Those who are to approve the plan should also be divided into three different groups.

What this does it that it limits the possibility of a person approving a proposal simply because he knows that his brother, father, or sister submited it. Anyway, the agricultural problems in Haiti could start being solved in less than four months.

The people would not start benefiting from it right away, but they would be very encouraged by watching their crops grow.

Anyway, let me know what you were talking about in terms of l'engrais l'ile de La Navase.

Linda, April 26 2008, 1:51 PM

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RPT, electricity is a fundamental need for all nations. I like the idea of working on both feeding the people while we... read more >
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