O God! Please give to Haiti a Leonel Fernandez R

Jojo - April 26 2008, 12:00 PM

Leonel for Dominican Rep. is the kind of president we need for Haiti.

Like J.Balaguer, both dominican president with vision, and good perspective their country.J.Balaguer has build thousand and thousand of houses for Domionican, infrastructure, square, lot of area to walk and be relexed, aquaducte to bring water, in cities and the village, some quaters build entirely by Balaguer, With Leonel, e parlante que bamo, Now, I've heard, Domonican Rep. is about to becomen a Caribean Miami, the tourism infrastructure, nice hotel where ever you are, the beaches are cleaned, the people work.they Have universities, a lot of .more or less, at every radius of 200 maters, you find a square with trees,( that cant not be so for Haiti, beacause Haitians need and use the tree branches to make violent demonstration) every time they do so, Now I understand why you don't find trees in Haiti.

Leonel is a good President for his country, he's a true politian, he's very smart.

He has good embition for His country, He want a Dominican Rep. biautifull and atractive.

Haiti can be the same But ...The next four years I think Leonel will build up a wall to stop the illegal and massive imigration from the other side of the Island.

Viva !

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Patrick Dorlean says...

So, you're right man, I think no one is good. The dominican mentality is diferent from haitien's one, how many time... more »

Fremzolove2be says...

That is not true we have a good Haitian leader up there some where ready to help if only the Diasporas will recognize... more »