I hope the Dominican and Haitian youths of today have in mind...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - April 25 2008, 7:24 PM

I hope the Dominican and Haitian youths of today have in mind better solutions than of those of yesterday.

A new Era is approaching and accept, believe it or not, it is an era of peace for greater possibilities of hope and reconciliations.

Such an Era has been long anticipated and overdue and we only have but in our hearts now to see "Just" in accomplish this goal. We have long been proud of our differences that divide us, however when will we be just as proud about the commonalities that relate us all as just for who and what we are - We are all humans.

Thus, we should all ask ourselves where have all our humanities gone to and as to how have we come this far to be the way we are - our inhumanities.

Let us all hope there are better days ahead or shall we give in to the patterns of our History is still up to us all. Today, in this new era and frontier we face, peace is ours. Indeed, Yes today is not Yesterday; instead...

Yes today, peace is ours.

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