preval still protecting aristide the thief

Lazarus - April 23 2008, 2:13 AM



According to Aristide 's former National Police Brigade commander Rudy Therassen arrested in Miami.

The Murder of Hector Ketant was ordered by the Aristide Government in 2003..

The detailed descriptions in the affidavit of Aristides former security chief Oriel Jean and Hector Ketant brother Beaudoin Jacque Ketant closely resembled the affidavits of Rudy Therassen and other informants according to DEA agent Noble Harrison and US attorney David Weistein.

President Preval asked the Miami court to stop the prosecution of his friend Aristide.

Diplomatic Immunity is only for sitting head of states.

That did not stop the US government from arresting and prosecuting the former Panamanian President Noriega and keep in Jail in Miami for drug trafficking and money laundering for decades.

Aristide have to be prosecuted.

He has to return the numerous millions of dollars which he stole from the Haitian people.

Drug-Lord Ketant say Aristide is the Boss. According to Larry Lebonitz for the Miami Herald, Ketan a major Haitian drug traffickers said in a Miami federal courtroom that he couldn't have thrived
without paying millions in bribes to his close friend, President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide..

Aristide ''is a drug lord. He controlled the drug trade in Haiti,''
said Ketant, 42. ``He turned the country into a narco-country.''
Ketant told the judge:
``It's a one-man show, your honor.

You either pay [Aristide] or
you die..



He betrayed me just like Judas betrayed Jesus.''
Jacques Beaudoin Kétant and Aristide appeared to have been close.

One of Ketant's
siblings said outside the courtroom that his brother is the
godfather to one of Aristide's children."
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Aristide had Ketant's brother assassinated.

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Jocelyn Jean says...

I agree with you completely. When people are asking for Aristide to return, even if they pay them, I do not understand... more »

Linda says...

I suggest that the litmus test for the honesty of any new Haitian president be that he/she actually prosecutes, within... more »