McCain Argues for Troop Withdrawal from Haiti.

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McCain Argues for Troop Withdrawal from Haiti.

No Oil and black people.

Now look at Iraq, Lots of Oil and he is pushing for the mission in Iraq to go ahead full steam.

As America's war in Iraq enters its sixth year, Sen. John McCain is hoping that his long effort to send thousands more U.S. troops -- a "surge" that has helped lower casualties -- will propel him into the White House.

But McCain's record on Iraq is decidedly mixed...

many of his other predictions and prescriptions turned out wrong.

McCain Argues for Troop Withdrawal from Haiti

Regions and territories: Puerto Rico
Map of Puerto Rico
Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean and North American influences meld in Puerto Rico, a self-governing commonwealth of the US.
The subtropical Caribbean territory is urbanised, industrialised and relatively prosperous.

The US invaded and occupied Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War of 1898, ending centuries of rule from Spain.

The US saw the island as a strategic asset and ran it as a colonial protectorate.

Spanish-built fortifications, Old San Juan
Spanish-built defences survey the ocean at Old San Juan
Under American administration Puerto Rico saw growth and development.

But nationalist sentiment sometimes spilled over into violence, notably in the 1930s and 1940s.

Nationalists staged an armed attack in the US Congress in 1954.
A series of bombings and killings in the 1970s and 1980s were blamed on a pro-independence group, the Macheteros, or Cane Cutters.

The group's fugitive leader was killed by federal agents in 2005.
Puerto Rican voters, who elect a governor for the island, have tended to favour parties that support the union with the US. Puerto Ricans do not pay US income tax, and the island receives federal funds.

There is an established cycle of migration between Puerto Rico and the US; hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have lived and worked in New York and other cities.

The once substantial US military presence has been scaled down with the closures of a major naval base and a bombing range.

Rancour over the latter grew after a civilian employee was killed by a stray bomb.
Explorer Christopher Columbus claimed Puerto Rico for Spain in 1493, heralding an influx of Spanish settlers.

The newcomers, and the diseases they brought with them, decimated the territory's Taino indian population.

The main settlement, San Juan, became an important Spanish outpost.

Slaves were brought to the island in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Puerto Rico's landscape is varied, and includes rainforests in the north-east.

The territory is prone to hurricanes.

Tourism is an important money-earner; the island receives up to two million visitors each year and is a port-of-call for cruise liners.

Lionne, April 21 2008, 8:20 PM

Topic: Haiti to become American Territory

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McCain Argues for Troop Withdrawal from Haiti. No Oil and black people. Now look at Iraq, Lots of Oil and he is... read more >
Lionne, 21-Apr-08 8:20 pm
People in case any of you would like to go read what is being discussed about/ on or of Haiti and its situation on... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 21-Apr-08 8:47 pm
Cette Nation Soeur, nous reproche de les avoir occupes pendant la presidence de Geffrard, mais ils ne savent pas ce... read more >
Robert P Toussaint, 21-Apr-08 10:42 pm
I totally agree et T'as completement raisosn mon frere compatriote. OH THE DOUBLE STANDARD, THE HYPOCRISY Any Terms... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 21-Apr-08 10:53 pm
You have to let go Bro,if you don't, it's another 206 years of misery. Who would like that. After all who cares? it is... read more >
Zodevan, 22-Apr-08 11:50 pm
Give me a website of some kind where people can verify this speculation. I doubt it that they will allow Haitians to... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 23-Apr-08 2:42 am
No wonder the news you referred to was dated April 1st! Whoever believed in it is a bigger fool than you are. read more >
Max Johnson Fgb, 23-Apr-08 8:41 am
Hispanolasoy, You are spamming my threads man. Anyway this is nothing but wishful thinking. USA has taken almost all... read more >
Hispanolanoyosoy, 23-Apr-08 1:19 pm
I did not bother to reply to this post because it was too preposterous. I thought that either the current Preval... read more >
Lalionne, 23-Apr-08 4:45 pm
Can someone refer me to an official government website (congress), where this information can be verified. Haitians in... read more >
Frito Simeon, 5-Dec-08 10:16 am
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