Let me put it to you in terms you will understand better. Let...

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Let me put it to you in terms you will understand better.

Let us take Tiger Woods for instance, no matter how much he loves his black American father, and although his skin is dark, that does not make him a black African American, regardless what the rest of the world labels him. He is unique because he is NEITHER BLACK OR YELLOW he is part of a new race (Asian and African).

Its not about skin tone. Its the entire package you have to look at. A discernible people with a discerningly way of life, value, and culture etc. Tiger Woods would STILL BE biracial even if he had never MET HIS MOTHER.

I capitalize for emphasis not to scream.

I cannot become prejudice, regardless of the past. All of our families are mixed and some are more mixed than others.

There are no pure African blood in Haiti.

All Haitians have Europeans and Africans DNA markers.

I believe another Lionne did a piece on that subject.

I am old enough to know that Haitians cannot change their past history.

I guess we are still talking about this subject because the old biracial ones were the ones with the education and they wrote the constitution.

Another source of perhaps jealousy is that some of their fathers were from noble French stocks ie. Marquies etc etc.I read the archives " about what was written about the pretended pedigrees of the grand-Don who inherited their fathers properties" etc.etc. That person was dripping with sarcasm.

What irritates the predominantly black majority is the majority of the old Afranchi mulattoes were not enslaved while the majority of the Africans creoles of mostly peasant stock had to toil the land under harsh conditions..There were some Africans of noble stocks also, for instance Toussaint's father Gaou Guinou was a kidnapped prince.

Nowadays there are a lot of educated men and women in Haiti and abroad regardless of their humble beginnings.from both groups of Haitians.

The constant annoyance of one group(if there is such thing nowadays in Haiti} who keep reminding one another of their treacherous ancestors make it difficult to be friends.

There were in fact atrocities and treachery were committed on all three sides.

French African and Afranchis.

Mulattos are unique because they are a new race, a mixture of people from two continents who were not mixed on such a large scale before 1595, Yes I used the word race. We homosapiens have physically changed to adapt to different regions of this earth.

Some people can stand the cold or the hot sun better than others.

Some have developed bigger butts to store fat like camels to survive famine in the harsh desert.

Some have developed bigger legs to be able to walk in the snow better and more body hair to keep them warm and narrow noses to breathe in a wet and cold climate.

Some humans have developed larger lungs to be able to breath at high altitudes in Latin America and stubby legs to climb steep slopes.

Some humans have developed melanin to prevent their skins from burning there are some biological differences.

Race, religion,and politics are subjects better left alone.

People can secretly hate one another for one innocent little comment.

Lionne, April 21 2008, 7:23 PM

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