No negotiations with gangsters.

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Yes there were negotiations with the General Raoul Cedras, the Colonel Michel François and the leader of FRAPH.

But they left the country thereafter.

And since then we have almost forgotten about them. Contrary to the leader of Lavalass who from his exile is still destabilizing the country.

The gangs of Martissant, Fontamara, Bel-Air, Cite Soleil have an agenda.

Amaral Duclona, General Toutou, Samba Boukman & co are receiving orders and money from their exiled leader to make life impossible in Haiti.Let be serious: we are not facing any illegal army in Haiti.

We have desperates "chimeres" linked to the regime in power.

Preval is aware of this situation.

That explains his attitude of "I don't care or it's not my business".

Besides, the gangs were the ones who invaded the streets and Hotel Montana to force the CEP to give Preval the presidency, violating its own rules.

Keep negotiating with thugs and gangs will not bring any result.

Those people have no moral.They will ask for more and more money.

They will accumulate more and more victims.

They will become more and more violent.

They will seize and kill more women and more children.

Preval has put himself in a vicious cycle.

Is it too late to take a new direction?

No.He still can prove He is a man of character and decision.

The Haitian People will stand behind Him if He comes up with the appropriate measures to bring peace, order and security to the Nation.

We wish Him well and a prompt recovery.

We would like to see Him in good health to at last start the fight against the kidnappers and the gangsters.

Trebu Patriote, December 7 2006, 11:02 AM

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Trebu Patriote, 7-Dec-06 11:02 am
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