Haiti to become American Territory

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just wanna share this with u guys

Haiti to become American Territory
By WESLEY ENGLE, GNP National Writer
Miami, Florida

Sunday April 1, 2007 25:61 PM EDT
Haiti to become American Territory

Congress passed on November 3, 2006 and President Bush
signed public law 42-576, introduced by Senator
Hillary Clinton that will make Haiti a Territory of
the United States as of July 1, 2009.

As a Territory, all Haitians will become US citizens.

Haiti will have the same status as Guam, Puerto Rico,
and the American Somalia Islands in the Pacific.

Alaska and Hawaii were territories before becoming the
49th and 50th states.

Territories are different from states in that they do
not have a Senator in Congress and can not vote in
presidential elections.

These citizens do not pay
federal income taxes, but are taxed within the

The will however pay Social Security taxes
and be cover by Social Security benefits.

benefits that American citizens living within the
fifty states now enjoy, will also be granted to the
citizens of the territory.

Food stamps, welfare, aid
to families with dependent children, and other US
government entitlements will be available to all
Haitians eligible after 2009 when Haiti becomes a

A State Department spokeswoman would not confirm the
rumor that this action was taken to offset the
influence that Cuba may have in the area after the
death of Fidel Castro.

She would only say that this
had been on the priority burner of the State
Department for several years.

The DEA has lobbied for
years for this move so that more effective anti-drug
operation can be run in Haiti.

After this legislation becomes effective in 2009
Haitians will no longer need a visa or a passport to
travel to the States.

They can go and come as they
please just as the Puerto Ricans do now. The
Department of Homeland Security will establish offices
in Haiti to check those entering Haiti; so that once
in Haiti, it will be the same as already cleared
Customs and Immigrations into the USA.

In preparation for this change the American government
will start in 2008 to establishing federal offices in
Port au Prince to make ready for these changes.

The government of Florida has highly endorsed this new
law and has been a supporter from its beginning.

Florida maintains that the influx of Boat People will
be eliminated with the increase in the standard of
living of Haitians at home. Also, there will not be a
need for boats after the Haitians can readily fly due
to not having to wait for a visa.

GNP special projects manager Jack P. Peoples in New
and Gossip News Press writer Dude Smith inWashington,
contributed to this report

Zodevan, April 21 2008, 12:17 PM

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