So who are we supposed to believe? If Maria-Luisa, Henry...

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So who are we supposed to believe?

If Maria-Luisa, Henry Christophe's wife was in fact Italian and white she could not have been the daughter of a the black Freedman Mr Coidavid who purchased Henry Christophe and had him worked in his restaurant "La Couronne".

And if Henry Christophe only enjoyed the company of cultured men which were the educated mulattoes and white foreigners, then his royal court was not all black as the Haitian historian led people to believe.

I believe Maria Luisa was white and Italian because thats where she migrated with her children after Christophe was killed.

I do not understand why Haitians like to tell half truths about people and history in Haiti.

It seems that to learn about the real Haitian history one has to read other credible foreign sources to find out the TOTAL TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

I can only conclude that the war between the north and south of Haiti was not a war of black power against mulatto power, but a war of one ruler no willing to abide by the limited power his was granted and wanted much more. Again it was about but who gets to maintain a monopoly on Haitian power.Ps: I guess the other comments are your personal opinions.

Lionne, April 18 2008, 8:12 PM

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