Haiti La Peur Et Le Declin Soutenus

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I hope that we some understanding of what is taking place in Haiti: Elected officials take refuge behind nominated officials to fool the Haitian people.

Why did Alexis get fired so late?

Why does he get fired now, considering now that his politics were approved by parliament recently?

This is a reactionary parliament, they act by instinct, no real mass behind their decisions, and they take action because they are afraid to loose their own job. They did not show real concern for the deterioration of the living condition of the people which many organizations have been voicing.

Instead they spent the time arguing on how to get rid of boulos, or fighting among themselves.

I don't believe that Mr. Alexi lacks the competence to do the Job and do it well. And they know it too! For fear of getting fired by the people; they take action.

The private sector needs to show that they, at least, have some understanding of the plight of the poor at this particular time in the History of the Country.

For too long they remain so passive and look at the masses with disdain.

They could have collaborated with the government to see how they could help to curb the prices.

rich people do not have to cast a blind eye on the agony of the poor.
It cannot be like that. It cannot be that as long as you and your family are fine the hell for the rest of the nation which is the majority.

I have heard so much dialogue going on between political parties in Haiti.

Everyday you hear that there exist good dialogues between parties.

It is obvious that these dialogues continue to be mere political cocktails that may have nothing to do with the hunger and extreme poverty that befall Haiti.

Any primary dialogue about Haiti after the election, considering it as post conflict territory, should have taken into consideration, the misery on the ground.

Haiti has gone through enough political dialogs while the economic dialogue remains dormant.

We must learn to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Haiti can no longer be ruled within the context of exclusion, we must materialize the moto: "L'union fait la force" to rebuild it.
I will continue to do what I can for the few that I can, until the dream of the Haitian people is finally realized, until we move from the culture of mud and dust and build the skyscrapers of a Haiti peaceful and prosperous.

Louinel Jean, April 16 2008, 9:26 PM

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