You are truly a perverse, illiterate, right wing, white trash...

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You are truly a perverse, illiterate, right wing, white trash idiot, who dares to pretend to be Haitian.

Only someone like that would just lie about something that can so easily be checked out. That's what your kind does best--LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Anyone can see from the post that I sent to you that I never said that sorcery wasn't practice in Haiti.

What I said, which anyone who reads history can verify, is that sorcery is not the same as Vodou.

Also, what I said that you reaaally didn't like, being that you are just white trash, is that sorcery unlike Vodou did not come from Africa but came from Europe.

From whites like you. In particular, sorcery in Haiti evolved from a French book call Le Petit Albert.

Now, you religious right wing freak of nature, why don't you just crawl back into that trailer trash hole that you came out of, stick all your racist propaganda's were the sun does not shine, and leave my people to figure out their own problems.

It's perverse white racist rats like you and the corrupt Haitian government officials that allow you to do whatever you want in our country that created most of the problems we now face. Get the hell out of my people's minds.

Linda, April 16 2008, 6:55 PM


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Salut Il s'emblerait que tu es encore jeune et il te faut beaucoup etudier pour comprendre. je suis haitien ne sur la... read more >
Gabriel Cajour, 15-Apr-08 7:49 pm
I think you have apoint in terms of your religious fundamentalist perspective.In your perception everyone in Haiti... read more >
Louinel Jean, 15-Apr-08 10:06 pm
You are truly a perverse, illiterate, right wing, white trash idiot, who dares to pretend to be Haitian. Only someone... read more >
Linda, 16-Apr-08 6:55 pm
I am curious are a religious person? and if yes tell me about your church or denomination. read more >
Mizeliah, 16-Apr-08 7:58 pm
My church is the open field,Godly wisedom and love is my religion.This is to say that I am not religious at all.I read... read more >
Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 8:07 pm
Linda, Calm down my friend.How are you? I understand your frustration with certain religious monger. But you can also... read more >
Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 8:15 pm
Louinel, so sorry that I lost my cool with the racist, classist religious fanatic. Those who have blogged with me on... read more >
Linda, 16-Apr-08 11:01 pm
Well I have no taste for extremism lest I turn a Taliban.LOL He is a proud Haitian with some confusion and need to see... read more >
Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 11:25 pm
hi linda sans t'injurier, franchement tu es tres agressive. nous deux aimerions voir briller le soleil de la liberte... read more >
Gabriel, 21-Apr-08 8:12 pm
c'est faux.Jesus seul ne peut changer Haiti.Le peuple Haitien avec l'aide de Dieu peut la changer.I thought you were... read more >
Louinel Jean, 21-Apr-08 10:06 pm
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